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  • Mike O’Donnell

    Note that Mike O’Donnell will now start at 10.30am, NOT 11am as stated in the Spark programme.

    Mike “MOD” O’Donnell works as Head of Operations for Trade Me. Prior to this he was Head of Commercial and Regulatory for five years, and has worked in a number of senior roles in media, marketing and investment. He has also worked in government, both in New Zealand and offshore.

    MOD is currently on boards of Serato Audio Research and Positively Wellington; and acts as an adviser to a number of organisations going through change, typically change connected with customer access or the web.

    MOD is passionate about road trips, motorcycles, classic cars, hunting and jet boating. He edits Trade Me’s monthly eZine “MOD’s Motors” and also contributes on a casual basis to several motoring publications. He has riden motorcycles across Central and North America as far as the Arctic Sea, as well as around Australia, South East Asia and the Indian Himalayas. He’s a failed trials bike rider who currently competes in the Intermarque Series at Manfeild in an aging BMW M3. He lives in fear of his red-headed wife and tries to keep up with his two young daughters.

    Follow MOD on Twitter, and read his MOD blog at http://mikedonnell.wordpress.com/