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  • Design the official t-shirt for Spark 2010!

    Through its variety of speakers, international convergence, and creative mandate, Spark Festival of Media, Arts and Design consistently has its finger on the pulse of the creative here and now. Whether it’s the potential of a new media, hearing about a bold path to fame, or a flash of ‘yes!’ that leads to a future project, you may well have heard it first at Spark.

    Therefore, for the 2010 t-shirt design competition, we challenge designers to sum up this creative zeitgeist. What is your take?

    Theme is loose, but designs should have a clear affinity with Spark Festival of Media, Art and Design, as the winner will be used as the official Spark t-shirt.

    The technical stuff:

    – The artwork should be a 1-2 colour design formatted as a vector-based file (eg, Adobe Illustrator). A high resolution raster image (jpg, tiff, etc) will be accepted if necessary, but the artist should be prepared to transfer image to vector if selected as the winner. A link to a high-res hosted image is acceptable.

    – A visual showing placement of design on a T-shirt template is also a good idea. Print should not go over the edges or neck of the shirt.

    – Copyright material or logos will not be accepted.

    – The colour of the t-shirt for Spark 2010 is possibly grey, so keep this in mind when designing.

    The winning designer will receive a $100 Gordon Harris voucher, and have their design emblazoned on at least 200 chests.

    Background information on Spark:
    Spark is a unique international festival of media arts and design that provides a forum for those in the creative industries to meet and listen to cutting-edge national and international artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and media personalities. It inspires creative energy and ensures a flow of fresh and innovative ideas for many in the community.
    For all enquiries and your entries, e-mail spark@wintec.ac.nz. Entries must be received no later than 5pm, Friday 2nd of July 2010.

    Glen Leslie's Spark 2009 T-Shirt Design