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  • Video Lounge Programme announced

    Visit the Video Lounge in Ramp Gallery during Spark to relax and enjoy a range of top NZ short films (with a few international guests thrown in). Full programme below – plan your week’s viewing now.

    This programme may be added to or updated – keep an eye on this website.

    Scroll down past the schedule to read synopses of the films screening.

    Thanks to the many filmmakers who gave permission to screen their works, and to the New Zealand Film Commission for their assistance.





    Monday 9th August




    The Moth

    Living room fort

    Assorted music videos

    Shona McCullagh

    Shona McCullagh

    Campbell Farquhar

    Campbell Farquhar

    Greg Page

    Tuesday 10th August

    12 noon

    Two Cars, One Night

    Taika Waititi


    Tama Tu

    Taika Waititi


    Coffee and Allah

    Sima Urale


    Children of the Migration (feature)

    Lala Rolls


    No Ordinary Sun

    Jonathon Brough


    Watani Habibi

    John Mandelberg and Janice Abo Ganis


    Te Ika O Maui

    Martin Rumsby


    Plains Empty

    Beck Cole


    2000 Beauties

    Bridget Sutherland

    Wed 11th August

    12 noon

    Assorted television commercials

    Greg Page


    Bus Stop

    Chris Graham


    The Last Surrealist

    Paul Judge


    Kitchen Sink

    Alison Maclean


    Lament for Barney Flannagan

    Paul Judge



    Julia Reynolds


    Meat (R.13)

    Joe Citizen


    Masonry Fell

    Emit Snake-Beings


    Fish Out of water

    Lala Rolls


    Green Bush

    Warwick Thorton


    The Word

    Quentin Parr

    Thurs  12th August

    12 noon

    Rubbish revenge



    Dawn Tuffery



    Lisa Perrot


    The Ambassador’s Brain

    Tom Reilly



    Paul Swadel and James Cunningham


    Wog Features (TBC)

    Lisa Reihana



    Warwick Thorton


    The Lounge Bar

    Don McGlashan & Harry Sinclair


    A Double Life – the life and times of B. Wongar

    John Mandelberg



    Beck Cole


    Assorted music videos

    Greg Page

    Video Lounge – Film Synopses

    Children of the migration – directed by Lala Rolls (78 mins)

    Documentary that tells the stories of Pacific island immigrants who came to New Zealand from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Presented by David Sa’ena and actor Vela Manusaute, it also includes interviews with: All Black Tana Umaga, boxer David Tua, actress Teuila Blakely, hip hop artist King Kapisi and poet Tusiata Avia.

    Hurtle  –  directed by Shona McCullagh (10 mins)

    Two nuns battle it out to be first into the ladies loo. A darkly funny offering from the doyen of contemporary New Zealand dance.

    Fly  –  directed by Shona McCullagh (5 mins)

    A deaf boy is ready to soar – through the languages of movement his father struggles to set him free.


    The Mothdirected by Campbell Farquhar (4 mins 22s)

    A tale of sleeplessness told with animation, dance and painted light.

    Living Room Fortdirected by Campbell Farquhar (3 mins 47s)

    Short dance film that uses projected light and in-camera film techniques to explore movement within an abstract and atmospheric space.

    Cati cialis generiquedirected by Julia Reynolds (15 mins)

    Grieving the loss of her father, a young woman sets off to seek her future in a nearby town. Bewildered by intolerance she runs for the safety of a nearby forest, but all is not what it seems.

    Two cars, one nightdirected by Taika Waititi (12 mins)

    An unlikely friendship develops between two children left to their own devices during one night at a pub carpark. This is the Academy award nominated film that was later developed into this year’s smash hit Boy.

    Tama Tudirected by Taika Waititi (18 mins)

    Six Maori Battalion soldiers wait for night to fall in the ruins of an Italian house during World War Two.  Forced to keep quiet they amuse themselves with jokes and laughter.

    Coffee and Allahdirected by Sima Urale (14 mins)

    When Oromo Ethiopian Abeba Mohammed moves to suburban Mt Albert to unite with her sister under the refugee family reunion quota, she has nothing but her faith in Allah, a taste for Ethiopian coffee, and a zest for life to sustain her.

    Bus Stop – directed by Chris Graham (15 mins)

    From the man who bought us Sione’s Wedding, comes a quirky tale of eight people, seven dreams and one bus.

     Kitchen Sink – directed by Alison Maclean (14 mins)

    “Cleverly structured, the film returned again and again to a few motifs – hair, water, eye and razor – reminiscent of early surrealist films such as Un Chien Andalou. These images, reinforced by an eerie soundtrack, had a gut-level impact on audiences, who gasped, laughed, and screamed.”
    – Roger Horrocks, Film in Aotearoa New Zealand, Victoria University Press, 1996.I

    No Ordinary Sun – directed by Jonathon Brough (15 mins)

    Set against the majestic backdrop of the Antarctic, a

    man confronts his fears when the foundations of his reality are challenged.

    animaScopedirected by Lisa Perrott (15 mins)

    Based on Michel Foucault’s idea of a panopticon – a prison where all the prisoners can be observed but cannot see who is watching them, this animation explores the dynamics of power in relation to the gaze, gender https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-cialis/ and control.

    The Last Surrealist directed by Paul Judge (15 mins)

    Surrealism, on a beach, with naked women and art. 

    Lament for Barney Flanagandirected by Paul Judge (13 mins)

    Starring Tim Balme, this adaptation of James K Baxter’s classic poem is by turns funny and poignant.

    2000 Beauties  – directed by Bridget Sutherland (4 mins)

    Short experimental film about New Zealand sculptor and performance artist, Peter Roche.

    Watani Habibi – My Beloved Homeland directed by John Mandelberg and Janice Abo Ganis (25 mins)

    A rich musical journey of commitment, passion and politics – a documentary of contemporary Palestinian musicians who voice their resistance to occupation through protest music and dance.

    A Double Life – the life and times of B. Wongardirected by John Mandelberg (56 mins)

    A documentary of a former Yugoslavian who spent ten years with aboriginal peoples in the outback of Australia, B. Wongar recorded their stories of the effects of uranium mining and nuclear testing. Politically inconvenient, this is a story of injustices, cover-ups and incredible stories.

    Plains Emptydirected by Beck Cole (27 mins)

    Sam has recently moved to an isolated mining town with her man, but whilst he works in a far-off mining site she is forced to spend more time with the history of shack she calls home. Set in Australia’s barren outback, this drama is brought to you by the same director of the TV series ‘The First Australians.’

    Nana directed by Warwick Thorton (6 mins)

    Nana’s granddaughter thinks Nana’s pretty special. She loves her Nana because she helps old people, she’s a good painter and other people love her too. Nana’s got everyone under control.

    Wirriyadirected by Beck Cole (26mins)

    Ricco is 8. He is cheeky, bright and adventurous. He lives on a small Aboriginal community homestead nestled on the outskirts of Alice Springs, central Australia.

    The Lounge Bardirected by Don McGlashan & Harry Sinclair (11 mins)  

    Will he ever remember? Can she ever forget? In a seedy waterfront bar sometime during the 70s, a sideburned, bell-bottomed singer begins his song. Sheltering from the rainy night, a man and a woman meet for the first time. Or is it? Who are they? What brought them here? What bizarre web of fate links them to the singer, his song and his sideburns?

    Wog Features –directed by Lisa Reihana (7 mins)

    Uses a mixture of animation and live action to address racism in culture and gender.


    Green Bush – directed by Warwick Thorton (26 mins)

    DJ Kenny realises that his job at an Aboriginal community radio station is more than playing music.

    The Word – directed by Quentin Parr (19 mins)

    A futuristic Maori short film about a boy caught between two worlds, the haves and the have nots.