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  • Helen Lennie

    New Zealand born Helen Lennie is the Sales & Marketing Director of Signature Prints and is the human dynamo of the business, beautifully complimenting the ambition and vision of her husband David Lennie, the CEO.

    During her early career, Helen worked for luxury brand Chanel. While working at Chanel, she learnt everything about the high-end luxury and fashion business as well as the ultra-demanding customer behaviours.

    One of Helen Lennie’s main roles at Signature Prints is making sure clients, demanding excellence in their purchases of luscious fabrics, magnificent wallpapers and much sought-after lifestyle accessories, get exactly what they want.

    Helen also hires the crème de la crème of the dozens of people who are eager to work at Signature Prints, choosing those who are the hardest working, the most creative, the most fun to be around, and above all, those who share her passion for the business.

    From Signature Prints website.