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  • Greer McDonald

    ‘Social media editor, journalist and blogger at @NZStuff. Jandal aficionado, lover of chips and dip, news hound’. So reads Greer McDonald’s description on her Twitter page. Earlier this year, McDonald was appointed as Fairfax’s Social Media Editor for stuff.co.nz.

    She previously worked as a journalist at the Dominion Post and also wrote the successful Qantas finalist blog, Greer 2.0. McDonald currently writes the Lady in The Red blog, where she tackles budgeting issues and money myths.

    McDonald studied journalism at Waikato Institute of Technology and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Communication. She also received the Waikato Times Excellence in Journalism award.

    Presentation: The new news – how digital life has changed the media

    Greer McDonald went from Wintec straight into one of New Zealand’s largest newspaper newsrooms at The Dominion Post in Wellington. Nearly three years on she is now Fairfax’s social media editor, working out of the stuff.co.nz newsroom.
    Greer will discuss how this position, a first for a media company in New Zealand, reflects on the changing needs of the industry and media consumers. She will give examples of how the role of journalists is evolving, and offers advice for upcoming journalists as they head out into the quick-moving industry.

    Workshop: How the web has changed journalism
    Journalists can no longer afford to be one-trick ponies. Fairfax journalist Greer McDonald will discuss how digital media has changed the way news is reported. She will talk about the different tools which are now used to stay in touch with what’s happening, and the different ways readers are consuming the news. Greer will also discuss problems associated with the new era of the job, such as privacy issues and the changing shape of newsrooms.