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  • Sitcom premiere: ‘The Couch’

    Spark is set to host the world premiere of ”The Couch’, screening at 12pm on Monday the 9th of August.

    The multicamera sitcom project has been driven by students and staff from the School of Media Arts’ Moving Image department, with support from local actors’ group Urban Vineyard Collective and and a number of performers from around the community. Filming was completed in May.

    The Spark screening will be the first opportunity for many to see the finished product, described as a comedy of errors set in a casting agency. The screening is free and open to the public.

    Moving Image lecturer John Mandelberg said he was pleased with the progress being made on the 30-minute pilot episode, and that the sound post-production was working really well.

    Once the episode is complete, the object will be to raise funding and support to shoot another 13 episodes as a TV series.